Monday, June 30, 2008

The next less in Neudeutsch vocabulary, Teil 2: geferkelt

This particularly charming word stems from the German word for piglet: das Ferkel. Ferkeln is the zoological term to litter, but geferkelt combines both terms to mean: "dropping piglets" or, more precisely, giving birth. In the new context though, it refers to the upwardly-mobile couples of Prenzlauer Berg that defy Europe's negative birth-rate.

Example: Diese Tussi ist schon seit ewig schwanger. Hat sie denn noch nicht gerferkelt?!

Translation: That bimbo has been pregnant forever. Hasn't she dropped her piglets yet?


T$ said...

I thought this was going to be about something else entirely...something about a personal state of being...a piglet.

"Nachdem Schwimmen damit lang in einer See der Wurst, ich bin vom Wasser wie Venus auf der halben einem beschm├╝tzliche Ferkel entstanden."

bobo bostoferson said...

bitchassbitch...I know you is sick and busy...but blogs were meant for bloggin'.

step to it...or else I will tell everyone how you listen to Heidi Montag's "one more drink" every day when you wake up in the morning.