Friday, June 20, 2008

I feel like I'm in a Kylie Minogue video

Going out, yet again. I know posting videos is just filler, but (to the five people actually reading this) I promise I'll write more tomorrow.


T$ said...

I give you a classy intro and link...and this is how I'm thanked.

You could at least have picked a decent KM video...sheeesh.

Young Faruq said...


ANd this is a totally good video. I met a boy! That is why I feel like I'm in a KM video!

Anyway, I am totally going to discuss, the wurst issue tomorrow morning, when I have time!

thonnibg said...

5 people?lol
Von nun an hast Du sechs!:)


Anonymous said...

5 people ? Maybe if the link was to a woman who can really sing without having an adenoidal break down you would get more traffic. ?
People have such bizarre tastes in music but there is no accounting for taste so I suppose each to their own even whilst i despise everything about this woman.

Sheepy said...

Oops, I guess I suggested this video, didn't I?

I think I did because the guy is so adorable, but the resolution here isn't go great.

Also, he goes very gay at the end there.

Bern said...

How very 2000 of you.