Monday, June 30, 2008

The next lesson in Neudeutsch vocabulary: Ökotante

: literally “eco-aunt”; a woman, generally of the same-sex persuasion, who enjoys wearing hemp or other such natural fibers (of course, made by workers employed under fair labor conditions.) These dull and sack-like articles of clothing are generally accessorized with chunky turquoise jewelry.

They only consume eco-friendly commodities and enjoy “multi-kulti” activities like performing in drum circles, collecting gourds and wicker baskets, and make fruit preserves.

Example: Diese Ökotanten geben mir ein Kopfschmerzen mit ihren Trommelei!

Translation: These eco-aunts are giving me a headache with their constant drumming!

Please note, that the above picture is precisely the opposite of an Ökotante. It is a remarkable image from a Berlin periodical from the 1920s—die Freundin--and captures the once and present glamour of the city.

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